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Sisters of the Company of Mary searched for a locale appropriate for both a retirement home and a meaningful place of ministry. Nestled among the rolling hills of the Temecula Valley in Southern California Wine Country, The Vina de Lestonnac Convent and Retreat Center enjoys the tranquility that only rural peace can bring. Set on 40 acres with expansive views to the South and the West, serenity through prayer, reflection or communion comes as naturally as fresh air and open space. Temecula exceeded their expectations!

Temecula is perfectly suited for the Sisters in addition to any other persons seeking an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for reflection or prayer.  The wine country of Temecula is reminiscent of Bordeaux, France, where the Order of the Company of Mary originated.

Along with sharing the facility, the Sisters are pleased to share their spirituality, which is the legacy of Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac, Foundress of the Sisters of the Company of Mary. Three basic tenets summarize the mission that Saint Jeanne fulfilled so well and invites them to pursue:

Maintain the Flame of God’s love in our heart so that nothing and no one will diminish the fullness of grace and holiness to which He calls us.

Extend a hand to others, as Jesus taught us in the Gospel, where we find the most challenging examples of kindness and compassion.

Fulfill our name, live fully and without ambiguity, our identity as Christians, as People of God, of whom we would want others to say, “See how they love one another.”

Saint Jeanne suggests that the way to accomplish this mission is to: “Follow the advice of Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, at Cana: ‘Do whatever He tells you’.” (John 2:5)

We pray that all who visit and pray in this sacred space will return with new vigor to their homes and work places to be bearers of light, compassion, and love.

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